Get your lift on at Nashletics' strength-focused accessory class! Power Hour will focus on gaining strength, confidence and progress in the major lifts in both powerlifting and weightlifting. These lifts include bench, squat, deadlift, clean and jerk and snatch.

If you’ve ever wondered how guys and girls go so fast and move so much weight … it’s because they’re strong! What seems heavy to most people is light for them. 

What’s different about Power Hour? It’s all lifting and accessory movements. Expect to be challenged and increase weight in your lifts - which will make your RxFIT Metcons faster and more efficient! We’ll work in cycles and hit the major lifts, while super-setting with accessory movements (pull-ups, rows, ham curls, GH raises) to not only make you more functionally strong, but also see an increase in lean muscle tone. 💪🏻