CrossFit Team Series

Grab a partner!

The 2017 CrossFit Team Series is just around the corner.

This is very similar to the CrossFit Open, but with a friend!

All CrossFit Melrose members are invited to join in on the team series. You can officially register on the CrossFit site, but we'll have some Friday and Saturday events to complete them all together in-house.


On Wednesday, September 20, CrossFit will announce 3-4 events and you'll have 5 days to complete all of them. Must be done by September 25 at 7pm.

Then on Wednesday, September 27, CrossFit will announce 3-4 more events and you'll have until October 2 at 7pm to complete the second set of workouts.

In the past, some events have been basic partner metcons, but also some max lifts as well. So they're not all going to absolutely crush you.

More info from Games.CrossFit.Com >>


During the CrossFit Team Series weeks, we'll do the workouts in our partner groups on Friday evening and Saturday. We'll split the events as evenly as possible between Friday and Saturday.

Friday Night Lights: September 22 at 6:30p
Saturday, September 23 at the 9:30a class

Friday Night Lights: September 29 at 6:30p
Saturday, September 30 at the 9:30a class

Can't make those dates? Feel free to coordinate with your partner during any Open Gym session during the time period.

This is 100% just for fun and to workout together in a fun environment. No need to officially register, just write your names down on the sheet at the gym above the check-in iPad. Then show up on September 22 ready to go!

Mark Molinyawe