September 2018 - Phillip Vaughn

A little something about myself… I grew up in Columbia, TN.  and spent a lot of summers in Nashville since both of my parents close to downtown. I went to every possible summer camp along I-65 from Columbia to Nashville. I graduated from the University of Tennessee and loved it so much I stayed for grad school (we were good at football back then…). I worked in public accounting for 6 years before I started my current job – I am now an affordable housing consultant for apartment developers interested in developing affordable or workforce housing. 

What brought me to Nashletics… I knew Mark from a previous gym. I also knew he had a great vision for an upscale gym with awesome staff and great programing so I jumped on board fairly quickly… I think I might have been the first Nashletics member!

Favorite things to do… I love to be on the golf course, and I also like to travel so I try combine the two as much as possible.

What have I learned about myself since joining… If I eat properly, stay hydrated, and get the right amount of sleep, I actually get better at these workouts! I know it’s common sense, but I’ve seen huge progress when I’m disciplined and put the work in.     

A few things you may not know about me…

  •  I’m an only child
  • I have a vinyl record collection
  • I was a volunteer Young Life leader for 8 years
  • I’ve seen the band My Morning Jacket over 15 times
  • I drove a Napa Auto Parts truck (the one with the hat on top) as a college job
  • I broke into the Wave Pool off of Briley Parkway after midnight with 20 people and went down the water slides for a few hours. 






Mark Molinyawe