November 2018 - Garrett Johnson

A little something about myself… I was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but have lived in Nashville since I was seven years old.  I have a very close-knit family and I’m lucky that all of us still live in the Nashville area.  I went to undergrad at Lipscomb University and got my law degree in Alabama.  I recently started a new job working for a government/public relations firm here in town, having left Governor Haslam’s office where I spent the past two years.  Oh…and I just got engaged as well. 

What brought me to Nashletics… For years I had wanted to do the CrossFit-type thing, but was always reluctant because I didn’t think I would be good at it and wouldn’t be able to do all the movements (still can’t do double unders after two years, sigh). One day I saw where CrossFit Melrose (Nashletics) was opening and decided to take the plunge.  After meeting with Mark and hearing about how the gym incorporated newbies into the programming, I knew this was the place for me.  My only regret now is not doing this years ago.  

Favorite things to do… I really enjoy being active whether it’s working out at Nashletics or going on a hike or run.  I also love to travel (favorite international city - Edinburgh, Scotland; favorite US city - Bar Harbor, Maine) and I’m a massive sports fan. I love going to any type of live sporting event, and I love trying new restaurants!

What have I learned about myself since joining… I think the biggest thing is how important mental toughness is and how resilient our bodies are.  We are all capable of doing some pretty incredible things, physically, if we have the mental toughness and discipline to push ourselves when we don’t think we can go any further or do anymore.

A few things you may not know about me… I’m a huge Alabama fan. I’m the oldest of three boys in my family and the oldest of fifteen grandchildren. I love reading and studying US history.

Mark Molinyawe