We appreciate the heads up!

Where are you located?
We're located just two miles south of Downtown Nashville. Lindell Avenue is just a few feet EAST of the I-65 and Wedgewood Ave. intersection (Exit 81). Go past the Simply Mac store to the rear white building.

Do you allow visiting CrossFitters to join in on classes?
Absolutely! Just fill out the waiver ahead of time and let us know about any injuries or scaling needs. 

How much does a Drop In cost?
One single session is $20. If you're staying for a couple days, the second session is free!

If I'm visiting, can I just do my own thing without disrupting the class?
If you are on your own program you may use only our Open Gym time slots to complete your program or lifting session. If you are a CrossFit Games athlete or CrossFit HQ Staff member, you may use our facility freely during any operating hours.

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We only accept experienced CrossFit athletes. If you're brand new, refer to the Getting Started page.
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Date of drop in?
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