About Nashletics

Our goal is fitness, but our culture is what makes us amazing. 

We're focused on your goals through a positive atmosphere and an amazing member experience. 

With varied workouts, a welcoming vibe and coaches who've been in your shoes, Nashletics has a solution for you!

Nashletics was born in August 2016 as CrossFit Melrose. Our goal was to help clients achieve the fitness level they require for their lifestyle. In 2017, CrossFit Melrose transitioned to Nashletics with the goal of offering more programs for those with different goals.


Bettering members' lives through health, movement and fitness is what we're all about. Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere and an exemplary experience for members. In short, working out shouldn't have to be a task, but rather a place where we get better one day at a time in a positive and supportive environment. 

It's of utmost important that we create a great experience for our members and those in the community to get them better everyday. We do this with varied workouts, great coaching and a clean, inviting gym. There's a science to our program and there's extensive research behind our experience. 



What’s the difference in your programs?

  • Our programs focus on high intensity functional fitness. Our RxFIT program adds the layers of powerlifting and weightlifting with barbells to build strength and power. Afterburn has a strong focus on interval training. Due to the complex nature of the lifts, RxFIT requires an introductory course or experience prior to starting. Afterburn and LGN participants can start today without an introduction.

Should I be in fairly good shape before starting?

  • Not at all. Our programs at Nashletics are universally scalable. Someone who hasn't worked out a day in their life can get a workout similar to those who have years of experience.

What kind of equipment do you use?

  • Depending on the program, we have a focus on our bodies as the main piece of equipment. To add resistance, we use barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. We also use medicine balls, jump ropes, rowers and running for our conditioning components.

Can I try a class?

  • Absolutely! You can start with Afterburn today without experience. If you'd like to try RxFIT, check out our Bring-A-Buddy day or schedule your No Sweat Intro to get an assessment!

Do you have a shower?

  • Yes! We have one shower in both men's and women's bathrooms. BYOT. We also have other toiletries such as deodorant, hair ties, and feminine hygiene products.